LifeCare is an independently owned primary care clinic. We provide comprehensive medical care to people of all ages. We strongly believe in and promote disease prevention. We also provide treatment for illnesses and injuries.


Our mission is to improve the health of our patients, their families, and the community by serving with compassion and professionalism regardless of the patients’ age, ethnicity or race, gender, and socioeconomic status.


Our vision is to provide patient focused, family centered, and community oriented clinical care by entering into a partnership with our patients so that we are responsive to their needs and are able to provide the highest quality healthcare services.


Our values include demonstrating the highest regard for patients, families, and the community. We value providing quality care that exceeds accreditation standards. We value collaboration with other health care professionals so that all our patients’ needs can be met. We value research and innovation so that our patients’ care is driven by clinical experience and up-to-date guidelines.

Spotlight: LifCare Receives PCMH Certification

We recently received URAC Certification as a Qualified Level 1 - Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH).

URAC’s Health Plan Accreditation is a nationally recognized symbol of excellence, respected throughout the healthcare industry and by the federal and state governments as an assurance that the organization meets rigorous standards and measures of quality and operational integrity, with a strong focus on consumer protection and empowerment. Achievement of URAC accreditation demonstrates an organization's clear commitment to quality and continuous improvement.

Spotlight: Nurse Janet’s Cancer Story

Nurse Janet has been with LifeCare Family Medicine since April 2013. In October 2018, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. After having the cancer removed, she had to undergo chemotherapy treatment. Her last treatment was Wednesday January 30th, 2019. The Bellevue Medical Center Infusion Center celebrates their patient's last treatments by allowing the patient to chime a gong. LifeCare staff worked with the Infusion Center staff to coordinate a surprise for Janet in hopes of making her last treatment extra special. We donned pink hats and tiaras and cheered for Janet as she chimed the gong. It was a special moment that the LifeCare staff was proud to be a part of. It is our goal to treat everyone, including staff and patients, like they're family.


To schedule an appointment, please call (402) 779-7207 or use our online request form and we will follow-up with you shortly to schedule your appointment.


At LifeCare Family Medicine of Bellevue, our doctors and staff welcome your feedback and use your compliments and comments to further build on our ongoing customer satisfaction initiatives.

I have been seeing Dr. Finley for around 5 years. I feel Dr. Finley is the greatest. He listens to all of my problems and responds in a kind respectful manor. If I email him with a problem, I usually receive an answer the next day. I cannot say enough good things about him. I moved to Lincoln 4 yrs ago and would never think of changing providers due to the excellent care. I am always treated with courtesy and respect by the receptionist and nurses. My questions are always answered in a timely manner. I receive excellent care at LifeCare Family Medicine.
I have been coming to LifeCare Family Medicine for over a year now. They are amazing. They are always there even on the weekends when I feel like I have no options besides the Emergency Room. The staff is always willing to answer my questions, and if they don't know it they will figure it out for me and return my call so quickly it's impressive! I love all of the Medical Assistants are great, I never feel like a burden and they actually listen to me! It takes a lot of stress off my shoulders, especially with my children, I'm so happy to have them here for me and my family.
I have been a patient of LifeCare Family Medicine for 10yrs.  The staff is very professional and friendly.  The wait time to see a doctor for an appointment is usually only about 5 minutes.  I highly recommend anyone who is searching for a good Family Doctor, to Call LifeCare Family Medicine.