It all starts with prevention.

Vaccines play a vital role in protecting ourselves, our children and our community from preventable diseases. They are safe, effective, and readily available. Immunizing your child against vaccine-preventable diseases can save your family time and money, but most importantly, it could save your child’s life and the lives of others who are unable to receive immunizations. Our healthcare team can explain the many benefits of vaccinations and answer any concerns you may have.  We will review your vaccination records and your children’s and compare them to the appropriate immunization schedule recommended by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). At LifeCare Family Medicine of Bellevue we follow the ACIP immunization schedule, and can help you and your family members get the right vaccinations you need, at the appropriate time intervals.

Vaccine Information Statements (VIS) are information sheets produced by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) that explain both the benefits and risks of a vaccine. Some of the vaccines that we administer include:

If you are unsure whether you or your family are up to date with necessary vaccines and immunizations, please contact us at (402) 779-7207 to schedule an appointment.